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Getty Images拟在欧盟控告谷歌

本文摘要:Google faces a new threat in its rapidly expanding antitrust battle with the EU after Getty Images, a leading US photo agency, complained that the search company was unfairly undermining its business. 在与欧盟(EU)之间很快升级的反垄断大战中,谷歌(Google)面对着新的威


Google faces a new threat in its rapidly expanding antitrust battle with the EU after Getty Images, a leading US photo agency, complained that the search company was unfairly undermining its business. 在与欧盟(EU)之间很快升级的反垄断大战中,谷歌(Google)面对着新的威胁,原因是领先的美国照片经销商Getty Images滋扰称之为,谷歌以不公平的方式风化其业务。Getty said it would file a formal complaint in Brussels today, arguing that Google was trying to freeride on the business of photojournalism without generating content itself. Getty回应,将于今天在布鲁塞尔递交月起诉。该公司声称,谷歌企图搭乘Getty摄影新闻业务的便车,而不是自己分解内容。Specifically, Getty accused Google Images of harvesting its photographs in a way that siphoned traffic away from Getty’s paid-for website. 具体来说,Getty指控谷歌图片(Google Images)“收成”Getty的照片,在此过程中还把流量从Getty的收费网站引走。

Margrethe Vestager, EU competition commissioner, has already issued two sets of charges against Google — accusing it of abusing its dominance of web search to promote its own shopping services, and of abusing dominance of its Android operating system to lock customers into using Google apps. 欧盟竞争事务专员玛格丽特维斯特格(Margrethe Vestager)已向谷歌收到两波指控,称之为谷歌欺诈其在网页搜寻方面的霸主地位促销其自身的购物服务,还指控谷歌欺诈其Android操作系统的主导地位把客户瞄准于用于谷歌应用于。The Getty complaint broaches a third area of concern known as “scraping” — where Google is accused of using content generated by rivals to promote its own services. Some of Google’s most vocal critics are travel websites, which have accused the tech group of culling their hotel and restaurant reviews and using them to bolster the quality of Google’s own online travel services. Getty的起诉揭露了第三个担忧领域,称作“数据捕捉”(scraping)。在这一领域,谷歌被指利用竞争对手分解的内容点评自己的服务。


最悦耳的一些抨击声音来自旅游网站,它们指控谷歌捕捉它们的酒店和餐馆评论,用作提高自身在线旅游服务的品质。The complaint means the European Commission will have to form a view on whether it believes competition rules have been broken. Google declined to comment on the case but, more broadly, denies having broken any antitrust rules. 这一起诉意味著,欧盟委员会(European Commission)将被迫对其否指出谷歌违背了竞争规则构成观点。谷歌拒绝接受评论该案,但从整体层面上坚称自己违背了任何反垄断规则。Under the previous commission, Brussels decided against proceeding with similar charges on scraping against Google. However, several lawyers opposing Google said they had received signals from the commission that it was becoming more receptive in light of other complaints and the fast-changing digital landscape. 在前一届欧盟委员会任期内,对于针对谷歌的有关数据捕捉的指控,欧盟曾要求未予法院。


不过,几位赞成谷歌的律师回应,他们已收到欧盟委员会获释的信号,称之为鉴于其他起诉和较慢变化的数字世界格局,该委员会于是以显得更加乐意法院这方面的起诉。Getty argues that Google abused it dominance of image searches to change “drastically” the way that it presented the agency’s photographs after January 2013, by displaying them in a high resolution and large format. Getty声称,2013年1月以后,谷歌欺诈其在图像搜寻方面的主导地位,“完全”转变了展出Getty照片的方式,以高分辨率和大文件格式呈现出这些图像。Yoko Miyashita, Getty’s general counsel, said this new display diverted customers away from her company’s website, where customers would pay for them. Getty总法律顾问Yoko Miyashita回应,这种新的展出方式将客户从Getty的网站引走。

在该网站上,客户原本会为这些照片收费。Getty said it had raised its concerns with Google three years ago but Google replied that Getty should accept its new presentation or opt out of image search, in effect becoming invisible on the web. Getty回应,公司已在三年前向谷歌明确提出其忧虑,然而谷歌恢复称之为Getty应当拒绝接受其新的图片展出方式,否则可以自由选择不参予图片搜寻——这实质上相等在互联网上伪装。



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